Events2018-09-09Pine Island Brewing Co.

Pine Island Brewing Co.

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This was a notable show. It started with some interesting arrangements:

  • girl-who-laughs-at-the-moon
  • stormy-window
  • queen-of-the-carnival

These songs got a lot of focus during rehearsal for this show. The rehearsal for this show was rather intensive, and its effect can be heard during the performance.

Really good version of brown-eyed-women, despite the mid-song tuning.

The crowd was great, and songs like ordinary-man-and-the-angel, where performed differently to work with the room. While ordinary-man-and-the-angel did not deliver the same way on tape, I feel black-and-blues did.

I premiered two new covers:

  • y-control
  • nyc

I was happy with y-control, and not happy with nyc. nyc did not feel convincing.

waiting-around-to-die, was a song I put down for awhile, but it resurfaced in a different form during rehearsal. I enjoyed playing it here.

mcalpines-fusiliers in this set is a weird rendition, besides that I liked most of the takes.

I broke a string during Geeshie's Conjecture, and it took a few songs to get it back.

bearfort-tower made its premiere at this show.

I was getting sick during this performance, and by spookytown my voice is shot. That did not stop the set from finishing strong though.