Hello From Windows! ✌
Posted 03 April, 2019

This post was written and built on my new Surface Pro 6! I'll be honest, the switch back to Windows scared me out of my pants. I am still… Read More

Experimenting with React Email Templates
Posted 28 February, 2019

🏋 Motivation In some recent posts, I outlined a some different ideas I have been experimenting with and thinking about: Comparing Lerna… Read More

Bug Bash
Posted 23 February, 2019

I noticed a few bugs on my site while poking around recently. I ignored them at the time, but at this point its started to become noticeable… Read More

Experiment: Email Subject Lines (With Nilsen Strandskov)
Posted 22 February, 2019

✉️ Importance of Email The value of an email list as a marketing tool is neither new nor secret. Despite it being the old guard of digital… Read More

Style Tile Exercise for
Posted 18 February, 2019

Style Tiles I started reading Brad Frost's book Atomic Design. Within the first pages, I felt the urge to put the book down and play with my… Read More

This Week In Javascript
Posted 13 February, 2019

📰 This Week In Javascript Here is a list of cool things I have been reading about this past week in the Javascript world. I will say a… Read More

Storybook Architecture Audit
Posted 29 January, 2019

This post works through the similarities and differences between the 28 Storybook Examples listed on the Storybook website. The intention is… Read More

Comparing Lerna-Storybook Architectures
Posted 24 January, 2019

⚔ Conflicting Philosophies When creating a Lerna project with React and Storybook, there are two places in which Storybook can live: As a… Read More

An Argument for Pure CSSModules
Posted 23 January, 2019

👁 😍 Pure CSSModules For better or for worse here are my current opinions on Styling React Components. tldr; Here are my opinions: Opinion… Read More

Building with Netlify
Posted 23 January, 2019

Netlify Netlify: "An all-in-one workflow that combines global deployment, continuous integration, and automatic HTTPS. And that’s just the… Read More

Naive Typescript Conversion on Pass 4
Posted 08 January, 2019

This is the fourth pass of converting this site to Typescript. Previous Posts Installing Typescript on Typescript Conversion… Read More

Naive Typescript Conversion on Pass 3
Posted 03 January, 2019

This is the third pass of converting this site to Typescript. Previous Posts Installing Typescript on Typescript Conversion… Read More

Naive Typescript Conversion on Pass 2
Posted 19 December, 2018

This is the second pass at my Typescript conversion project. The first part is chronicled in an older post titled: Typescript Conversion… Read More

Naive Typescript Conversion on Pass 1
Posted 18 December, 2018

Parameters Merge within: ~1 hour (small amount of work) Must include: a post with content from this document Must include: A commit with… Read More

Installing Typescript on
Posted 10 December, 2018

I recently upgraded to Gatsby Version 2.0, A previous post, 'Upgrading To Gatsby 2', chronicles that experience… Read More

Upgrading To Gatsby 2
Posted 29 November, 2018

This past summer, the codebase for was converted from Jekyll to Gatsby. A few weeks later, the Gatsby team announced the… Read More

Show Recordings on the Internet Archive
Posted 17 October, 2018

I played at Pine Island Brewing on September 9th 2018, and October 21st 2018. More information on each show can be found on its page: Pine… Read More

Transcript for Organic Music Now Episode 4: 72 on 72
Posted 08 June, 2018

Introduction Hello Ladies and Gentleman, This is Rich Soni, and you are listening to Organic Music Now! Episode 4. This Episode is titled… Read More

Fly Away
Posted 30 August, 2017

I was sitting cross-legged on the couch in my basement -- guitar in hand, computer in front of me. I was looking at my name on the screen… Read More

Willie The Wandering Gypsy
Posted 28 August, 2017

The most interesting songs always take a few listens to reveal themselves. The hard part is getting a person to listen enough for that to… Read More

Fan Connectors- Part 2
Posted 25 October, 2016

In a previous post, I found two questions about music discovery which I wanted to explore. I conducted a survey both online and in person… Read More

Templating Your Booking Inquiry Emails
Posted 08 October, 2016

This was written for the Bandflare Blog. See it the original here DIY musicians need to send booking inquiries on a regular basis. Putting… Read More

What Are The Fan Connectors?
Posted 07 October, 2016

For a while I have been playing out at restaurants and breweries. These shows are great because the venue will pay you, and there is no… Read More

Thoughts On Open Mic Nights

Written for If you have gone to an Open Mic, you can agree with their usefulness as a tool for musicians. Here are some… Read More

Memorizing Songs
Posted 24 February, 2016

Know Your Song Well Before You Start Singing The most important piece of a musical performance is the actual music. It is the price to play… Read More

Where Can I Fail
Posted 24 February, 2016

I have heard it 1000 times if not more. Success is an accident. For every 100 things you do, one is bound to be a success. This can be true… Read More

Thoughts On Audience Attention
Posted 23 February, 2016

Let My Poor Voice Be Heard Once you become comfortable playing in front of people, the next step is to capture audience attention. As with… Read More

The Difference Between A Fan And A Follower
Posted 23 February, 2016

FAN = SHARES I separate an artist's supporters into two buckets: Followers and Fans. Followers form a relationship between themselves and… Read More

Artists Are Startups
Posted 12 February, 2016

An artist focused on fanbase growth is a startup artist. This can be determined by the following question: Would receiving 1,000,000 fans… Read More

A Recipe For Arranging/Learning Impressive Cover Songs
Posted 19 January, 2016

For The Sake Of The Song Cover songs are a great tool. They are great to mix into a live set. They also provide a medium to practice… Read More

Percentage Masking
Posted 31 August, 2015

Units Matter A negotiator with power and leverage has a better chance of reaching a favorable outcome. The percentage mask, can be used to… Read More

Faster Fingertips: Changing Your Keyboard Layout and Learning Techniques
Posted 04 May, 2015

Goodbye Comfort "Playfully doing something difficult, whether useful or not, that is hacking" ~ Richard Stallman Leaving your comfort zone… Read More

On Vimscript
Posted 21 December, 2014

Header Photo credit to Elijah Porter View The Talk I presented this material at the New York Vim Meetup. View the presentation below: Here… Read More

Sifting for Javascript, Ruby Style
Posted 14 November, 2014

Header Photo credit to Thomas Fischer Rare Book Library Panning for Rubies It is difficult to wrangle long hashes, and big objects when… Read More

Posted 02 November, 2014

Header Photo credit to Adreas Levers Guess Who's Back? It's been a few months since the last update. I poured my attention into… Read More

What Came First The Hacker Or The Hack
Posted 02 November, 2014

The Hacker Or The Hack? The word hacker implies the possession of certain qualities. Qualities that kindle and fuel a knack for problem… Read More

Git-WitIt: Spice Up Your Git Config With These Rhyming Aliases
Posted 29 September, 2014

Git Up, Git Out commit and init are two of git's slickest sounding commands. Of its 155 commands (in v2.2.1), there are only 5 that rhyme… Read More

Introducing Vim-Ecliptic: A More Natural Clipboard Integration
Posted 23 September, 2014

Motivation View Github Repo Juggling between vim's local clipboard and the system clipboard can be a headache. The plus register (e.g. "+yy… Read More

Unravelling The Ancient Art Of Lucid Dreaming
Posted 28 July, 2014

The Wild World Of Dreaming Experiencing the world created within our minds while we are asleep is a remarkable part of life. Within our… Read More

Pragmatic Guide To Becoming A Productivity Alchemist
Posted 18 April, 2014

Introduction Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before ~ Franz Kafka Achieving maximum productivity is a… Read More

Simon Sinek Reveals Why Some Teams Pull Together Better Than Others In His Latest Book 'Leaders Eat Last'
Posted 17 April, 2014

Backed By Facts I was first introduced to Simon Sinek's work through his 2009 Ted Talk. After watching that video, I decided to read about… Read More

10 Tools Every Software Developer Should Know, Revisited
Posted 17 March, 2014

Invest in your own toolset After trade school, a mechanic needs to obtain their own set of tools. Garages only provide big equipment, such… Read More

Listening to Bob Dylan Can Inspire Improved Health and Wellbeing
Posted 12 February, 2014

For Health's Sake Pursue your dreams, simple to understand, but difficult to execute. If you are halfheartedly doing your job, get a new one… Read More

Why You May Be Missing Out If You Dont Use TMUX
Posted 04 February, 2014

Tmux is one of the 10 skills every developer should master. It takes one week to get started, and saves hours of work and frustration. Tmux… Read More

When Creating Anything, Think Like The Beatles
Posted 01 February, 2014

Drifting Through An Opened Mind Some time ago, I read about The Beatles' song writing techniques. All of the techniques are both clever and… Read More

Practical Uses For Bash Globbing
Posted 14 January, 2014

The first half of this article discusses What Globbing is, how to Enable Globbing, and How it works. If you are more experienced feel free… Read More

Interview Question: Which Exit To Choose
Posted 06 January, 2014

The Problem Here's an interesting interview question I thought of on my way home from a party recently. You are parked at some starting… Read More

How To Boost Productivity With Symbolic Links
Posted 29 December, 2013

A Symbolic Link (symlink) is essentially a bookmark to a folder on your hard drive. They are lightweight and disposeable. In my workflow, I… Read More

4 Stereotypical Technology Users (Starwars Edition)
Posted 28 December, 2013

The Gist "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." ~ Han Solo We all know people, or may even… Read More

Using Github Pages To Host Your Blog
Posted 03 December, 2013

Its Free and Easy I have used a handful of different methods to host my personal site over the years. Each has been fine, but my most recent… Read More

10 Skills Every Developer Should Master
Posted 02 December, 2013

This article has be revised!!! The updated version can be found here There are some things you just have to know. These are the things all… Read More

Book Review: Practical Vim
Posted 02 December, 2013

Recommendations Beginner Takeaways: 3/10 Intermediate Takeaways: 10/10 Expert Takeaways: 7/10 Readability: 10/10 Takeaways All vimmers… Read More