PostsBook Review: Practical Vim
Posted 12/02/2013


Beginner Takeaways: 3/10

Intermediate Takeaways: 10/10

Expert Takeaways: 7/10

Readability: 10/10


All vimmers should know three names: Tim Pope, Learn Vim The Hard Way Guy, and Drew Neil.

Tim Pope writes the best vim plugins hands down.

Drew Neil runs the vimcasts website.

Practical Vim is a treasure trove of vim tips.
Any vimmer will take a ton of stuff out of this book.
If you have used vimcasts before, understand that this book is not the same.

...It is 1,000x better.

I really like vimcasts, but Practical Vim knocks it out of the park.
I read this book in 4 days while on vacation. I could not put it down. Then when I got back I skimmed it again.
That is how awesome this book is.

If you decide to take my recommendation, and purchase the book. Please use the link below, so I can get something back