Naive Typescript Conversion on Pass 1
Publish Date2018-12-18


  1. Merge within: ~1 hour (small amount of work)
  2. Must include: a post with content from this document
  3. Must include: A commit with some converted Typescript files


Locate all javascript files with no dependencies.

Motivation The files with no dependencies can be quickly converted.


I was able to commit the code in a half hour, and took another half hour to make this write up, pretty meta. Here is the The Github Pull Request.

Coverage Improvement 2% (1 Typescript / 40 Javascript) → 14% (6 Typescript / 35 Javascript)

TSC Tooling

Added 3 new tsc tasks:

"tsc:coverage": "./scripts/typescript-vs-javascript 2> /dev/null",
"tsc:check": "tsc --noEmit",
"tsc:watch": "tsc --noEmit --watch"

The tsc:coverage task relies on a new script I wrote:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

js = `git ls-files src/ | grep -e 'jsx\\?$' | wc -l`.to_i
ts = `git ls-files src/ | grep -e 'tsx\\?$' | wc -l`.to_i

puts "#{((ts/((js + ts) * 1.0)).round(2) * 100).to_i}% (#{ts} Typescript / #{js} Javascript)"

Typescript There are still only minor benefits from Typescript at this point. Most of these files only needed to be renamed. The others just got any types added to them, which is pretty simple.