Hello From Windows! ✌
Publish Date2019-04-03

This post was written and built on my new Surface Pro 6!

I'll be honest, the switch back to Windows scared me out of my pants. I am still uncertain about its viability as a general operating system, but k. However, the idea of a tablet that can run code was too appealing to ignore.

Thus marking the personal first code I have written on a Windows Machine since 2005!

I have vacillated between Linux and MacOS systems in the past, I have stayed away from Windows.

I never looked back. For real, in about two days, I was addicted to that weird looking command key. And all of the features that Mac OS X had over windows:

  1. No Viruses
  2. Plug and Play
  3. Design
  4. Integrated Unix

Now I find myself typing this article from my new Surface Pro 6, and I have to say the feeling is similar:

  1. Integrated Linux Sandbox
  2. Full Tablet Machine

While these are only two small things, I feel they are equally revolutionary. This machine is not a laptop. Its a tablet running professional grade operating system.


I want to write and work on my website while on the train. I do not want to work on these things on my work computer.

I want the flexibilty to bring this machine along with another machine (most likely my work machine)

This machine is my flexibility machine. It needs to run my local server for light development, and writing. I also want to use it for basic internet searching, email, etc.

In my ideal architecture, at this point I would just have an Apple Tower, and a Surface Pro. Thats right, no Macbook, no iPad.

The limitations of the machine are actually advantages. Even running VSCode on a Surface Pro is a bit heavy. However running vim is great!

What I had to do

  1. Basic setup and updates
  2. Setup Dropbox for 1Password
  3. Install Ubuntu from app store and update it
  4. setup config and vim repo
  5. install node
  6. setup repo
  7. setup vscode
  8. setup hyper