Commuter Train
Publish Date2014-03-28Author(s)Rich Soni

Well the hiss of the rail always begins the tail
As the people gather all around
Some late legs flail as the whistle wails
When the commuter train rolls into town

A gust will push back a wave of whoosh
As the brakes rush to stop wheels from spinnin'
The business men fight to see who can
Guess precisely where the door will land to open

The conductors shout the destinations out
As they herd the people in the doorway
They all shove and beat toward the last remaining seats
When the commuter train rolls into town

As some sit down they refuse too look around
As they isolate themselves to their own devices
Others sit back and munch on a snack
And they wonder why were all so lifeless

With the passengers inside the train speeds on its guide
The rugged rails that never complain
About the hot or the cold or carrying the load
That buzz inside the commuter train

They twist all around the woods and the towns
Under tunnels where artists paint graffiti
They hiss tell all the adolescent clowns
To place penny that it will squish so easy

At its final stop it drops the commuters off
Where they rush out the door just like they came in
The rails opine how they deliver them on time
When ever the commuter train rolls in

The train bumps back saying 'yo rails aint part of that
You all are just tools in the system'
They agree to disagree but understand mutually
Each one enjoys their simple mission