Couldn't Be More Wrong
Publish Date2016-02-16Author(s)Rich Soni

Early in the morning
While the captain's snoring
Grab my hat
and, start exploring

Sipping on a tea
Sip it by the sea
I have to go, wait another 3

It aint a crime, I'm just another dime
To the nursery rhyme
Of Mr your not on time

As he licks his lips
Gives his cuffs a twist
But, i wont let him slap my wrist

Hes a cactus thorn
If my pants are torn
But, all his scorn
Is just a joke to me

I'm just blowing rings
Hes typing things
Never knew the spring
was even coming

I'll be marching on
Before the sun is gone
He thinks its wrong
I think its funny