Don't Follow Em' Down
Publish Date2018-03-08Author(s)Rich Soni

What do you do When the stem of the crown Hasn't a clue Do you follow em' down?

Cuz' its painful to prance On rickety ground But, take it for me Dont follow em' down

When what you believe Would grieve the chief of the crowd And, you crave for their charm Will you follow em' down

Mirrors of words Surely could purchase their vow But take it for me Don't follow em' down

Near the winding whiskey river Diving ducks can be found Do you cut in their line? Do you follow em' down?

I stood at the edge By a rodeo clown He cackled and said Why follow em' down?

When you man has to run From the heat of the town And he calls for his shoes Do you follow him down?

Well, he's too young to die But, seems ancient somehow So, wave him goodbye Don't follow him down

What do you do? When the stem of the crown Hasn't a clue Don't follow em' down