Four And Twenty Elders
Publish Date2015-11-23Author(s)Rich Soni

Four and twenty elders
Deciding the fate of the land
Four and twenty elders
Calling every abled man

Saying 'Drop your things
Its time to go to war
The enemy attacked, but attacking what we are not sure'

Four and twenty women
Kiss goodbye their one true love
four and twenty women
Clasp their hands up above

Saying 'Angels bring
my man home safely from war
the elders have called, but for what we are not sure'

Four and twenty young men
With a swords in their hand
Four and twenty young men
March to fight as a band

Saying 'Let me sting
The enemy in this war
Better them than me, then again I can't be sure'

Four and twenty elders
Too young to fight their own battle
Four and twenty elders
Cast others to the saddle

When they die and get wings
God wont forget this war
He will know blood was shed, but the reason he will not be sure