Freak Out Kid
Publish Date2016-04-07Author(s)Rich Soni

I once had a dark revelation
At a fire in the woods by a creek
A stranger that I met started shaking
He rolled back his eyes and started to speak

The joke is on him he was saying
He smacked himself in the head
The posture he had left was decaying
He contorted and twisted on the forest bed

We smoked cigarettes as we held him
We held him down with all of our might
He was trying to kick his heels past his sternum
We held him for most of the night

It was not until several hours later
His conscious returned to his brain
We walked him back to his dorm room elevator
As it opened...
Once more did it wain

He whispered in the ear of the closest
One of us that was standing by him
As the doors to the elevator closed up
He flicked us a menacing grin

I ran into the kid three years later
At a party 200 miles away
He we talked and acted as if nothing happened
Now I pray to the Lord I never see that kid again


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