Geeshie's Conjecture
Publish Date2017-03-28Author(s)Rich Soni

Two more things I'd like to try
Before I lay down and die
The first is to look you in the eye
And the second is to tell you goodbye

Well, I walk to the top of your doorstep
I knock, knock, knock on the door
Your father he does answer
Says, you aint alive no mo'

Three more links of golden chain
Until I, learn my name
Woke up to the drizzling rain
Around the curve of my heart was a pain

Oh, the lady in red she is crying
She puts all the willows to shame
You claim that you don't mind a-dying
Til, your kids are rolling in pain

Four high aces in your hand
Don't make you no less of a man
Armies and fools at your command
Can't slow down the speed of the sand

An angel fell down from the heavens
He bought you a nine dollar shawl
He'll take you to the bend if you let him
He'll dress you like la-belle-et-la ball

Cresting to the summit of the hill
There's a man in the ruins of a mill
Trade a pole for a forty dollar bill
You never worked and you never will

Hero was lying this second
She rarely is telling the truth
It'll dig at your soul if you let it
It'll shoot you like Booth in the booth
It'll shoot you just like John Wilkes Booth


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