Hocus Focus
Publish Date2015-03-19Author(s)Rich Soni

When she puts her hocus focus on me
You be sure I'm in jeopardy
Or at least in store for some misery
When shes hocus focused on me

When shes hocus focused on you
Good luck enjoying chicken cordon blue
Your pulse will bubble while you struggle to chew
When she puts that hocus focus on you

That hocus focus it can smell
When you been swimming the royal canal
She'll jingle jangle a triangle and blow into a conch shell
Makin' sure you keep away from the swell

Her hocus focus can hear
Your breath as it trebles with fear
When she grabs your horns and tries to steer
That's hocus focus for you dear

Her hocus focus can feel
When you try to squirm from her like an eel
don't try because you'll cry when she pulls you by her Achilles heel
She got you hooked by her reel

Her hocus focus intercepts your every thought
Every electric kilowatt
Shell come in and she'll swat you while your lying on your cot
If you have a plot she'll tie you into a knot

Her hocus focus will forever roast
Your name, your family, and your ghost
Forget ever being in any kind of toast
Even in your casket shell be close
With her hocus focus, her hocus focus, her hocus focus