Just Like 'Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues'
Publish Date2018-12-04Author(s)Rich Soni


When you've broken your spine,
When your coughing up brine & blood too
When your lost & confused
When groveling is all you can do

For years she shed tears
While her ears yearn for the steps of my shoe
But once again,
The winds of Aeolus
Blew me away from you

Well, if you see Althea,
Send her The Wild Roving Sign
She'll tell you your fortune,
She'll sing you some four over nine

Then just like Calypso,
She'll rob you of seven years time
And the last word she gives you is: 'Trouble',
As she waves you goodbye

Sweet Sabrina, she liked to keep it reckless & loose
With her roguish black eyes, she would steal the Aegis right off of Zeus
The paupers they brought her to the augur who offered up an excuse:
He points to the sky, and he cries: 'Besides, we already tied up the noose!'

In Ithaca's Yard, a bard, sings your songs the clowns
While they pilfer your wine, they take turns kicking your dogs around
Your family is in danger, you feel like a stranger in your own home town
Settled down in the rocks, til' the locks of the Dawn start to crown

Hear words on a wing, For Kings Who's Absence Brings A DIFFERENT KIND OF LOVE!
While maidens at the window sing, 'Bluebeard! Darling, Won't You PLEASE COME UP!'
Well, A Sword To Revenge It's Just Like A NET TO A BLUFF
I'm going back to Anticleia, I do believe I've had enough

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