Magellan & Me
Publish Date2017-10-05Author(s)Rich Soni

Life's short if your lucky
Life drags if you aint
Another bucket of whiskey
Another gallon of paint

I spent some time on Clinch Mountain
With a gallon of gin
Crawling out of the tunnel
Baby, all caved in

Goin' West with Magellan
He knows the road too well
Pass the streets of Deep Ellum
Sail the rivers of hell

Wished upon a woman
Threw her fan in the wind
When we reach the tunnel
Baby, all caved in

Georgie shouts to Magellan
Throw on a little more coal
See his mother she's yelling
Drowning whistle it blows

Hit a bend and we tumble
Down the mountain we spin
Almost smash in the tunnel
Baby, all caved in

Walking 61 miles
Toward the land of the free
Its just me and Magellan
Magellan & me

Blast a whole in the tunnel
Light a fire within
Walk inside and then mumble
'Baby, all caved in'

Sitting straight at the table
Magellan points at his watch
My legs are galloping stallions
My hands as cold as a rock

Send me back to Clinch Mountain
Grow a beard on my chin
All I see is the tunnel
Baby, all caved in