SongsOut Cold

Performed Live: 0 times

Date Composed: 09/21/2014

Aint it just like my mind, to play tricks every time
It thinks it will hear something offending

Well, I try to exist, but clenched theres a fist
Holding onto my sanity, sending

Me into a fog, so search for a log
In which I can sit, and begin transcending

This feeling I get, when my palms get all wet
And the sun in my eyes it starts bending

To black from white, and then its the night
And panic begins his great ending

And......... and then......and then..............
I'm out cold

Well, I think I'm asleep, I don't know theres a heap
Of strangers bent over me lending

Their nervous hands, and everything sans
My sanity is gathered round spending

All that it can, to help this poor man
Whose conscious is there but its pending

And, then I realize that my eyes disguise
Rainbows are lies my mind is pretending!!!!

I start to come to, a conclusion or two
About this circus I am now attending

I......... I guess......I guess..............

I was out...cold

And now every time, I try to be fine
But, I feel like my blood is descending

Down to the ground, and then I am drowned
With fear while panic's extending

A shivering finger, to poke madness that lingers
And my thoughts all begin to start blending

And all I hear is mush, and I want to to hush
And my brain it starts recommending

Some time out of mind, and my teeth start to grind
I try to breathe, i gnaw at my sleeve
As my last fighting morsel is fending my tending

To......... to go..............

Out cold