Pine Of The Pub
Publish Date2016-01-07Author(s)Rich Soni


G Em Shes as hot as a three dollar pistol G Em Her dress it fits like a glove G Em Its clearer than Waterford Crystal G C D That She's The Pine Of The Pub

verse 1

On night with a dog moon in the sky I welcoming pub caught me eye Twas a place I aint been before So, I took off me hat, and I opened the door

The bar was a buzzing and full I grabbed the last open stool I asked the barkeep for porter While I waited looked round shoulder to shoulder

verse 2

I flag the barkeep back over Will you do a favor my friend Send a drink to the fine looking maiden as I push in me stool once again

I asked her her name and she smiled her face made a sparkling glance We talked an laughed for awhile Then I asked her if shed like to dance

verse 3

We danced round the room I was on such a high Buying round after round I let me sovereigns a fly The night twas one of the best in me life I was ready to take this fine lass for me wife

The night ends I ask her back to me place thats when I found me efforts where all just a waste she said was taken by the barkeep right there If made more advances i'd better beware