Purple Gun
Publish Date2016-07-01Author(s)Rich Soni

Swaying in the cane on the Brazos
Drank tequila till I'm blotto
Fell down to the ground in the stun of the sun
When my aim first met the frame of The Purple Gun

Playing stud in the parlor
My queen found herself a partner
Shoot for the loot, and the table spun
But, a drunk can't handle to gamble against The Purple Gun

Ride for El Dorado
Nothin' could ever stop you
That's alright boy, while you run
Your Bella'll dance with the fella with The Purple Gun

Peyote powwow
Hey, who stole my eyebrow?
Tap my shoe to the Sioux's drum
But, my thumb never stammers from the hammer of The Purple Gun

Filled with bravado
Dueling with the yabbo
He said nettle my mood and it won't be fun
But, the last thing he guzzled was the muzzle of The Purple Gun