Sarah Ruth
Publish Date2015-09-01Author(s)Rich Soni

Sarah Ruth, you snap those beans I'll snap yo bone
Sarah Ruth, man I'd be better off alone
I smell like Bourbon, well you smell like sermon
Sarah Ruth

Sarah Ruth, I was broken down the highway
Sarah Ruth, next thing you know we gettin' married
Hates my tattoos, aint that what you are
Sarah Ruth

Sarah Ruth, I was on the field on morning
Sarah Ruth, I crashed my tractor without warning
You where on my mind, I coulda went blind
Sarah Ruth

Sarah Ruth, I didn't realize I was already blind
Sarah Ruth, now I left all my mistakes behind
I found the Lord, the one you adore
Sarah Ruth

Sarah Ruth, don't you see I did this for you
Sarah Ruth, I proudly wear this big tattoo
You think its profane, you think lewd
Sarah Ruth

Sarah Ruth, now I sit outside our home
Sarah Ruth, with a bloody face cold as a stone
Beat me with a broom and sent me on
Sarah Ruth