Shake Shake Honey
Publish Date2016-11-20Author(s)Rich Soni

Well your, mother knows but she turns her head
Your father don't, and if he did you'd be dead
And, now you find yourself crawling out your window
When its time to go to bed

Oh, shake shake honey
Won't you shake on down the ledge

You got a driver, and he's got cash to spend
He says he loves you, but you don't even pretend
He takes to a disco, and you go lookin' for a friend

Shake shake it honey
Looks like hes home alone again

A teacher caught you when your where skippin' class
To head downtown to work your sass
But, you said he could come with you if he wrote you up a pass

Shake shake it honey
Shake it down the grass

Well, the people whisper all around the town
How you wear the moonlight as your evening gown
But, don't listen to them baby
They cant prove whats going down

Shake shake it honey
Shake it all around