Publish Date2016-05-01Author(s)Rich Soni

Your ear will hear a dreary sound
When you boots have found
The path to Spookytown

There aint no corpses lying in the ground
They all walk around
The streets of Spookytown

All the Hell hounds, chewin' on a crown
See, there aint no pound
In Spookytown

All the trains are Transylvania bound
When they zoom out
Of Spookytown

A black widow's webbing wound
The brides wedding gown
In Spookytown

From a tomb the groom
Dug up the rings of Egyptian kings

The ceremony lead with a frown
By a bloody hobo clown
In Spookytown

If you wander in just turn around
You wont be down
With Spookytown


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