Stormy Window
Publish Date2015-08-26Author(s)Rich Soni

When you slammed the door
And left me all alone
Kneeling on the floor
I couldn't help but moan

Since you've been gone
I've been waitin'
I really want you to know
My wrist is resting
Against a stormy window

You really shook me up
Nothin' seems the same
I've gut a tangle of guts
With a sinking pain

You left me stranded
Shaking, tired
Bitter, weary, and low
I've been fearing the world
Outside the stormy window

Baby, darlin', honey, dear
I want you back with me here
Birds a-chirpin', sunshine a-smilin'
Breezes blowin' but I'm stuck a-cryin'
Pushing my palms
Against the stormy window

I know your gone for good
Its settled into my mind
Still the crack in my heart
Is pounding colder than ice

I've gone crazy, I've gone nuts
Why cant I just start hating your guts
I'm banging my head
On a stormy window