Strawberry Jam
Publish Date2015-03-01Author(s)Rich Soni

Strawberry jam in my bed
Smeared upon a slice of wonder bread

Wonder i needn't as I lean it toward my head
Of the allure it has when its spread

Strawberry jam when I'm squealing bored
Just a little lick and I'm feeling cured

Not a thing is like the tart and sweet taste
Both when its bare or when its laced

Strawberry jam upon my lips
I scoop it with my fingertips

Like a honey sucklin' bear
I can smell its fragrance in the air

Strawberry Jam in the dawn Slip it in during a yawn Strawberry Jam in the night doesnt take a heavy bite

So i heard she wants to hang with me
Come with that jam by the snoozin' tree

Hey girl did you hear about what I like
Feed me some jam and you can ride my bike