SongsThats What I Call Love

Performed Live: 13 times

Date Composed: 01/02/2015

When the eyes see their match
And the lips beg to attach
You sweet and forget, the threat
Of the fire

And your home all alone
With your ear glued to the phone
Oh babe, That's what I call love

When everything you used to hate
Suddenly lost all of its weight
Babe, I think I know what's going on with that thing pumping between your lungs

You see their name written in the clouds
And their masquerader in the crowds
Oh babe, That's what I call love

When you know that all the stars,
Saturn Neptune and mars
Couldn't hold all the happiness you feel

And, Zeus' Aphrodite would say
Your bond is majestic and mighty
Oh babe, That's what I call love

Eclipsing Sun and Moon
Clock hands at noon
Seem askew when compared to you two together

You will lick each others wounds
Make sure each others strings are tuned
Oh babe, That's what I call love

When you'd trade all 8 of your pawns
For that single Queen to lean on
Valiantly facing 16 foes alone, together

Through the ups and the downs
Wearing straw hats or crowns
That's what I call love