Thought I Spotted You
Publish Date2015-02-15Author(s)Rich Soni

Thought I spotted today standing in a crowd
Above me knotted was your name expanding in a cloud

It seems to me that i cannot curb, any thoughts of you
There deemed to disturb each mental blurb, my brain begins to chew

My focus cannot linger for more than glint of time
Without your smile gleaming in my brain like a half moon's squint, divine

And too its brighter than the sun, so compared to both day and night
Neither is quite like you my hun, you are such a fair delight

Indeed, if you where missing I don't think i could go on
Id proceed into dismissing my life into a yawn

When your gone just for a night, I feel your ghost against my knee
Until the dusting of morning light, when i eat my toast and steep my tea

I feel an empty hole inside when you have to go away
I hope my message was implied thats all i have to say

Except that I will love you each moment for all of time
Every second, every day, each minute and every hour chime