Tooth For Love
Publish Date2018-03-10Author(s)Rich Soni

Don't want no bowl of ice cream baby
When I need my sugar fix
All I want is you pretty mama
to give me a little kiss
I thought you knew
I gotta sweet tooth for love

Stir your finger in my coffee
Give it a little twist
Sip it slow, your lipstick strokes
are left on the side of the lid
Baby its true
Gotta sweet tooth for love

Heading toward the beehive
Like a honey suckling bear
Close my eyes and savor
The sweet fragrance in the air
How do you do?
Gotta sweet tooth for love

Once I knew a woman
And its true she loved me so
But her lips they where not sweet
So I decided to let her go
What's it to you?
Gotta sweet tooth for love

What do you do Sweet tooth for love