Waste Of Life
Publish Date2016-03-25Author(s)Rich Soni

Good god, I'm falling over
To the place where I've been before
Cut past the bosses shoulder
Hit the tracks then the liquor store

Can't keep my feet from blowing
I need a paperweight to hold me down
Settle to a place then I'm up and going
Aint no work for me left in this town

I'm a waste of life

Take a look, take a really good look
I'm just the guy you've been trying to find
There aint a job that I haven't took
There aint a job for which I'm qualified

Six weeks is the time it takes them
For their senses to adapt to me
Meanwhile, I just keep stinkin
Till their noses catch up to me

I'm a waste of life

Met a chick on a bus to Miami
She bought me liquor and she bought me food
She put me up in her masters pantry
It was strange but I couldn't be rude

Met a chick at a bar in LA
I bail her out and she bails me too
I left once, but I can't keep away
We drink port till our brains are stew

I'm a waste of life


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