Why Do The Righteous Suffer
Publish Date2015-08-01Author(s)Rich Soni

Lookie here friend
Lookie here foe
Lickie your pen
Take down some notes

Take a look at the snow globe
Take a look right inside
Take a look at this noble man
Take a look at pious McBride

He loves each of his daughters
He loves each equally
He loves every man as his brother
He loves for eternity

When it comes down to gossip
He has always abstained
He finds it way to forgive
Those that play the neighborhood game

He should be used as a template
He should be used as a mold
Every man would be great
If they acted like him till their old

I can see what your sayin'
I can see it with my eye
I can also see that you playin' a shallow game
My eternal wise guy

Theres a crack in your thesis
Theres a crack there you see
Ol' pios McBride has never been
Stress tested for misery

If you put him on the treadmill
If you push him to the edge
If you push him to double nickels
I think you'll find that hes no longer your friend

If you kill all his daughters
If burn one two three
He will wish he could slaughter
You and bury you under that snoozin' tree

Why do the righteous suffer
Why do the righteous burn
Well, whats the difference
Between them and the damned once you give their crank a turn

So, my dear listener
Next time you face pain
Next time your lost on Easter time
In Juarez in the rain

Remember this story
Remember this song
Remember which side you want to be right
And which one to be wrong

We are given our freedom
We are given our trust
But perhaps it wont be us
Who is judged when we turn into dust

It could be the ideas
It could be the speakers above
Remember that when your choosing to act
Out of vengeance or out of love

For we cant see the big picture
We cant see out of the globe
We cant see past the seam
Of the universes starry robe